Cracked Sore Skin Treatment

Cracked Sore Skin Treatment

A Mum’s Cracked Sore Skin Treatment Testimonial

If anyone is a little unsure whether to buy this cream……. don’t hesitate – do it!!!

It was the BEST decision i ever made! my 6 month has suffered with itchy, weeping, cracked, sore skin head to toe for 3 months. the doctors just kept prescribing all sorts of eczema cream potions and lotions for the little dude, but was heartbreaking to see him in such discomfort & pain.

My Nan saw the ad in the paper and told me to try the cream as we had hit road blocks with every other “solution” we had been given!!! and i am so happy i did. after a week of applying the cream, my sons skin is completely clear, and hes like a completely different baby. hes so much happier – thank you soooooooo much gem & your magic cream!!

Debs Bradley, Shropshire

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